Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hoot Hoot!

Katie is loving Pinterest at the moment. Here is the second crafty thing she was insprired to make - this cute owl key ring. She got the pattern from Miss Beatrix blog off the link from Pinterest.

Lou doesn't escape Katie's creative urges. As she doesn't have any sisters to play with their hair, her brothers are the next best things. Here is one of the many random photos that I found on my iPhone. Lou looks like he's not sure of his new style ;) Don't mind my messy hutch behind Lou....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Noro Stripes

Here's my latest knitting offerings. I love this pattern - I'm amazed that I haven't knitted it sooner. It's called Noro Striped Scarf By Jared Flood. It's so easy and a great way to use up scraps of wool. I had some odd
bits of Noro from my Raglan cardigan and a ball of Noro Silk Garden but I can't find the tag - it has gone into the black hole of my house, probably hanging out with the odd socks.

I was trying to take some nice photos but I found the lighting a bit strong, so half of the scarf is in shadow.

My Cosmos in the foreground is still in flower. It's so pretty and cheerful. I had bees buzzing around me as I was trying to take these photos, being mindful not to annoy them on their daily business of collecting pollen.  

I love this pink

We had colds and sore throats here over the last week. My oil burner been busy burning essential oils of Eucalyptus and Cypress for the last week or so. I find these oils cleanse the air in my home.

While I was having a nana nap the other day, I woke up to find these beautiful flowers my kids picked as a surprise for me next to my bed. It was a lovely surprise. I love fresh flowers in the house.

Beautiful colours of Noro!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Little Pea in the Pod

Sometimes life happens when you're making other plans!

Here is a picture of the newest member of our family. I'm 16 weeks pregnant with baby Number 4. This little one was a lovely surprise. I'm still getting used to the idea of having a baby around again, and baby proofing my home now that we have a place with steep stairs, a fire place, a tiny space for lounge room and two boys with their Lego that seems to find its way into every part of the house. I'm trying to relax, hoping I'll have it all sorted once the little one is here.

I have 3 very excited children who like talking to my tummy, and the odd baby disco consisting my boys flashing torches at my belly and singing out loud to my tummy.

Time is flying by. I'm almost 1/2 way and I'm feeling I have got so much to do and so little time. I was sorting out my kitchen the other day, decluttering and re-evaluating what I have and what I don't need anymore.

I'm still feeling very tired in the evening. It doesn't help when I keep waking up at 3am each morning and having trouble getting back to sleep. I'm over the morning sickness and starting to feel much better.

The little one is due on the 1st August.

I have been on Ravelry checking out the baby knits. The big knitting plans this year are trying to finsh my UFOs and get some baby knits done before lack of sleep and my 'baby brain' kicks in. :)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 the Year of the Finished Project

I joined the Year of the Finished Project that Lynne is hosting on her blog this year. I have a bad habit of starting projects and then leaving them for a long time. Hopefully, joining will help me get some projects finished this year. My blog lacked knitting projects last year, so I'm trying to motivate myself to get things done.
Starting with this cardigan that I started late last year....
I misplaced my double pointed needles to finished the sleeves. I forgot that I had put them in the glove box of my partner's car when we were going to my folk's place as I was knitting during the car trip. A couple of months later Katie found them when she was looking for something else. Lucky because I almost bit the bullet and bought another set, but I knew they would turn up eventually.

This cardigan is called Annabell Cardigan. It is a top down garter stitch and the yarn I'm using is Cascade Yarns Eco + shade 9338. I think the colour is called Lichen. I got the yarn from when they had an anniversary sale last year. So my goal for February is to finish the sleeves and sew the buttons on.
Project no.2: Shalom ....
I started this a few years ago, frogged it, then recently picked up the pattern again and started it. The yarn I'm using is Patons Inca 7031. The yarn is a lovely green colour that is not showing up that well in the photo. I bought the yarn on sale at Lincraft about 5 years ago for $3 a ball.  I like this pattern with long sleeves, but I only have 10 balls and I'm not sure if I will have enough. I'm not sure if I'll get it finished this month but I will have a go at getting more knitted up. 
Now theses funny looking things are going to be felted slippers that I need to sew up and felt. I can't seem to remember the name of the pattern because I knitted these up nearly a year ago, misplaced my pattern, and can't seem to find the free pattern Link. I think they are these slippers
So these are my projects to get finished for the month of February. I know I was meant to post this on Thursday but I was unable to get on to the computer as I've been really tired in the evenings (which I'll go into on another post!!!!!!). So here's my home work handed in late !!!!!


Saturday, February 2, 2013

June is for Jag

I knitted this lovely little scarf months ago and it sat waiting for me to sew the ends in, just in time for Autumn which is just around the corner. It's called June is for Jag By Lorena Haldeman. (here is the Ravelry link).

I knitted this with one ball of Anny Blatt Fine Kid - the colour is called Ambre. I got the wool at a market stall for $1. It didn't knit to be a long scarf, but it wraps around my neck once and I pin it with a broach. It is a light but warm scarf/neck warmer. The wooden tree broach is from Elk.