Sunday, January 26, 2014


Can you believe it? Another week has flown by up to week 4.

Sian's big sister, Katie, took the picture this week on the iPhone (the battery in my Nikon has died and won't charge up).

This week, Sian is 6 months old and has started the inquisitive rolling around the lounge room, checking out her world. Soon down stairs will be a Lego free zone. The boys have been warned - any stray Lego down stairs will be going on a holiday for a while! She is also sitting up with a little help, but still face planting if she leans over too far to one side!

Soon we'll be painting in the lounge room. The colour on my wall was from the previous owner. I wanted to live in the house for a while to get a feel for the place before we start doing any thing to it.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Colour Mobile

It's been a while since I picked the barbed needle felting needle. I had a last minute present to make for a friend's little girl's birthday party which I thought was next week (these school holidays have flown past!). I've been collecting mobile pins on my craft board from Pinterest for inspiration. I love colour and needle felting so here's what I came up with.

I was using up bits of felt that I had. I made 12 woollen balls to hang off an embroidery hoop that I bought at the opp shop, and used embroidery thread that was an opaquest colour to space the woollen balls evenly like a clock face, dropping the next ball lower than the previous one giving a cascading colour effect that catches your eye when you enter the room.

I've started a second one to hang above Sian's cot. A tip that I got from Pinterest is that if you tie the fleece in a gentle knot and needle felt that it is easier to make a ball.

Monday, January 20, 2014


3/52: A photo each week.
Sian loves suckling her toes. She used to play with her toes and have them above her head when she was in my womb - I have ultrasound pictures of her doing this! I'm amazed how flexible she is. I wonder if she is going to be naturally flexible or if her body will out grow it. But until then, she enjoys a good munch on her toes.


Sunday, January 12, 2014


Daddy wearing Sian in the sling.
Photos taken on iPhone.

Friday, January 10, 2014


We got back from the warmth of the South Coast to the cool misty 12 degrees of the Blue Mountains
yesterday. It could have been mistaken for Autumn so I cranked up the fire and made a loaf of bread to put in Nectre Oven to go with the home made soup I made with the leftover chicken from the takaway from the night before. The house smelt homely with the bread baking in the fire oven.

Next morning after we arrived back, I had a wander around my garden. I was greeted by my veggie patch that had been busy growing while I was gone. It was such a lovely surprise to see how much the veggies have grown but I was sad to see my Rosa Rugosa Scabrosa (Rose Hip) hadn't fared so well. It seemed to have dried out in the pot. I have given it heaps of water and it is sitting in a saucer of water soaking its roots - hopefully it will pick up.

Not only have the veggies been doing well while I was away, it seems the weeds have been growing well too!

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Sian - 5 months.
My little angel.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Glimpses Of My Summer

I'm enjoying the last few days down the south coast on the beach, savouring the ocean breeze and salt water. Soon we'll be heading off for the long drive home to the mountains. Lou and I, and sometimes Bubs, have been getting up at dawn to watch the sunrise over the ocean, then going on our morning walks being greeted by warm smiles and hello from other early risers on the beach.

Yesterday afternoon we went on a walk. The weather was beautiful and the clouds were like puffs of cotton floating above us.

The tide was high so it wasn't safe to walk around the rocks to get to the other beach. So we jumped off the rocks instead, seeing who could jump the highest and furthest. We then wandered back to the beach house, saving the odd cicada that survived being washed up on the beach before the seagulls could devour them.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Post Cards from the South Coast!

Welcome 2014.

Here's to a creative and bright year ahead. 

I'm down the south coast at the moment and I've figured out that I can blog from my phone, so here goes!