Sunday, August 24, 2008

Needle Felt Picture of Mother & Child

In Steiner classrooms and playgroups, I have seen pictures of the Mother & Child - is it the Madonna and child, or is it a picture of maternal love and nuturing, or both?

I find myself gazing up at the picture when I'm at play group - I can't stop looking at it. I find it a peaceful picture to look at so I did this picture for Katie's classroom. This is the first needle felted picture I have attempted. I just jumped in and did it and popped it in a wooden frame.

While I was at Katie's school for a story telling workshop today, I put it on the wall as surprise for her teacher.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Class 1 - 2 Rainbow Cloth Drop

Finally finished and hung up in Katie's classroom is the Rainbow Cloth Drop. The other drop was old and needed fixing up. Well..... replacing.

Mum came over with her sewing machine and after a few hours it was all sewed up and ready to hang (thanks Mum!).

I put a crystal hanging down in the middle of it to reflect the rainbow colours of the cloth.

You should have seen the the little faces light up when the they saw the new Rainbow Drop hanging in the classroom.

It's amazing how colour can affect us.........

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Autumn Maiden

The Autumn Maiden arrived yesterday all the way from America - a few days after my birthday. Thank you Cadi, she is beautiful. You have put so much work into making her. It is so generous of you to give her away. She will be treasured for years down here. I also love the fact that she is wearing all my favourite colours.
I keep looking at her in amazement. I have only just started needle felting myself and have wanted to make a needle felted doll to put on a nature table.

This is the second item that I have won on blog give aways - at least I actually received this prize. I am still waiting on another prize that I was supposed to have won months ago. Maybe my "style" just ain't "foxy" enough considering it is only 40km up the road and hasn't been lost in the post! But I will say no more.....
Maybe it's not blogging etiquette to have a dig but being Australian, I can't help myself. Why have a give away if there is no intention of giving the prize way? I'm a bit disappointed. I'll put it down to it being not meant to be, and let it go.
Anyway, I have a beautiful Autumn Maiden now, so it all balances out.
Once again, thank you, Cadi.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Alphabet Soup

Wow! 2 weeks flew by since I last posted.

Little Loopity Lou was sick with croup. After an overnight stay in hospital, we were sent home. Luckly, he only had a mild dose. I think the breast milk helped protect him. The cheeky little thing was up partying/playing in the kid's play area at the emergency section of the hospital at 2am in the morning. We where given a bed, not a cot. How I was meant to keep him confined to a bed when he didn't want to sleep..... so we hung out in the little play area. The nurses and doctor were lovely and they kept an eye on him until he was well enough to go home.
At the moment, I've been busy making a felt alphabet to hang in Katie's class room. I got the idea from a flickr photo from a Steiner School class room. I'm not sure how to do the link but I think it was a school in Suffolk? Instead of having then individually hung up, I was going to do a chain and stitch them on to it. It's 16 letters down and 10 to go - I'm improving on my blanket stitch! My 4 year old son has been quite excited about this project. With each letter I finish, he lines the letters up on the piano and sings the Alphabet song. He has been playing with the shape and the texture of the letters. I've also been dying muslin in rainbow colours. I'm waiting for my Mum to get back from the South Coast so she can come over with the sewing machine and sew the rainbow together - that's for another post.

My rechargeable batteries for the camera have had it, so the mobile phone photo has to do for now :)