Sunday, June 16, 2013

Has it been that long?

 Hello, I can't believe it been that long since I lasted posted, well it doesn't help having the computer crash on us so I've been doing other stuff other than been on the computer, well I have been on the Internet on my IPhone when I have my morning decaf at my favorite coffee shop. But I got in the habit of not going on line plus I have been sleeping when my hands are not hurting. I've been very tired this pregnancy I been resting well feels like hibernating I have a case of carpal tunnel in my hands so I haven't been knitting hopefully that will go away once the baby born but I did have a few UFO I wanted to finish they can wait.
I few weeks ago a very special package arrived in my mail box It came all the way from Holland it was such a beautiful surprise it really cheered me up I haven't been sleeping that well at night due to the pain in my arms from the carpal tunnel so I'm sleep during the day all over the place when I can. So this parcal really put a smile on my face it is so cute we love the monkey I like how Els put a clip on it tail so I can attach itto things so we don't lose it when we are out. Thank you Els for thinking of us I'm sorry for not posting sooner now the computer is fix I can get back into regular posting.
 Last month my boys had their birthdays
 I love these series of pictures of MrF the big effort in blow out those birthday candles it serious stuff.

 And of course Lou Turn big 6

 Katie  took these pics on my IPhone it was about a month ago before the weather started getting cold there's no was Id be popping my belly out now out side in this cold weather. Only indoors
 Lou very excited about 5 weeks to go I can't believe how fast it has gone by Lou talks to the baby allot I'm sure the baby will be well acquainted with Lou one the bub on the out side.