Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Katie and I have discovered Pinterest.
I'm hooked - so many ideas and inspirations.

Katie got this idea from a pin we saw. It's on my craft board on Pinterest if you want to check it out.
Katie had a hole in her jeans and made this patch all by herself. I thought it was pretty cool ....:)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bread Creatures

What chilly (brrr), cold and windy days we have had up here in the mountains. We had a tiny bit of snow but nothing that stayed - it melted on contact. My children are hoping for a big dumping of snow to make a snowman. It used to snow like that here years ago.

With the fire going, we cooked home made pizzas, banana cakes and bread. The fire has warmed our home, cooked food to fill little bellies and dried the endless loads of washing.

We made creatures out of our bread. Playdough that you can eat..;)

The kids made a spaceship, a monster and a snail.

Bread creations before they were cooked.

Our Nectre oven in action.

The cooked masterpieces for afternoon tea.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fairysteps and 37

This beautiful bag arrived in the mail a week or so ago. It came all the way from England from a talented lady who has an online shop called Fairysteps. She makes exquisite one off bags and shoes. I'm not a handbag type of girl - I've been using a little backpack or shoulder hippy-type bags that I've been finding in opp shops for years. Then I discovered Fairysteps...... and I was in love. This is my 3rd handbag. I have a mustard yellow bag and a brown bag that I use for everyday. I have picked out a bag each year for my birthday for the last 3 years now.

I don't know what I'm going to do next year (LOL). It's not that I need a lot of hand bags (unless Ren makes a cherry red bag - hint, hint..;) ) but I know these will last a life time. They are built to last.

 Ninja Cat Marty had to pop in for a photo. I love the pink and purple - these are my favourite colours.

The scarf that I'm wearing is a Noro scarf that I knitted years ago - my first time knitting with Noro.

I was 37 on Sunday. I had a great day. In the morning I went to the growers market to get some goodies. When I got back home, Katie and Lou had made me lunch and had a hand picked bunch of flowers for me. My other son was at a sleep over at a friends place but I got lots of birthday cuddles from him when he came home. 

My birthday lunch.

Beautiful fresh flowers from the garden...:)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sydney Biennale Part 1

Bhodi and I took a trip down to Sydney a few weeks ago to see the 18th Biennale of Sydney. We boarded the free ferry to Cockatoo Island and spent the day looking at all the art works. I'll post this in parts because I took too many photos to fit in one post. Some of the art work I loved. Some made you think. Others I walked past quickly! I loved this one - it's a shipping container that has been turned into an art work. I love the little characters that have been made by carving the metal. At first it looked like cardboard, then you touch the cold hard metal - it is not as fragile as it looks.

This is a space filled with wind chimes. The bottom parts that dangle are in the colours of the rainbow. 

Bhodi took a picture of me. I'm living in my Noro cardigan - I love it. The Silk Garden does stretch a bit after a bit of wear. Next time when I knit this pattern, I'll make the arms a bit tighter.

This one is hand made paper - it looked pretty just suspended in the air. I love the old windows in the background.