Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winter Woolly Tree

Up here in the misty mountains, I've been busy having a little break from the computer. It is nice to come back, sitting in front of the computer with a cup of chai, after a few weeks and see what everyone out there in blog land has been up to. I haven't been able to leave comments on some of your blogs as the word verification has been playing up.

I have been needle felting a tree that I promised my son's kindy teacher from last year that I said I would do for her. Things take their time in this household at times.

Well, here it is; a winter tree - bare, brown and woolly. I hope she likes it - I'm worried it might be a bit scary for the kindy kids. At some angles it looks like a hand reaching up to the sky. It was replacing another bare tree she had that got broken. I am tempted to put leaves on it. I'll see what she says when I see her.

There was a beautiful fog up here today - not so good for driving but Lou and I went for a misty walk, occasionally getting big water drops hitting our head from the heavy dew dripping down from the trees. We found a little spot that was perfect to take these photos.

Lou brought his tea cup full of sultanas for the walk.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vintage Hues

I have finally finished my cardigan! It has been sitting in my stash for the last few years. I bought the yarn at Spotlight on sale for $3 a ball - I bought 10 balls. This yarn is discontinued now. Not bad - a knitted cardigan for under $30.

I love these colours - the orange isn't so bright in real life; it looks very bright on the monitor.
I found this broach by Dick & Dora at an up-market dress shop here in the upper mountains. It is a wooden leaf. Usually my clothes shopping is done in the opps shops or the car boot markets but I like to have a sticky-beak in these shops. I'd been looking at this broach for the last few weeks in the shop window - I was really drawn to it. Funny how we get drawn to things. Dick & Dora have a web site and they are also on Etsy. They are from Tasmania. I like buying things from Australian Artists.

Finally finished one of my many UFOs.... The wool is Vintage Hues By Cleckheaton.
The pattern is also from Cleckheaton - New Vintage Hues (952), design #1: Cardigan, edge to edge with set-in sleeves.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Feathery Visitor

Tomorrow we have our dreaded 3 monthly rental inspection :(

So I've been busy cleaning our home so we pass the inspection and keep the real estate happy and our landlord happy.

I had the window open to air the kitchen out and this little visitor arrived to say hello.

I love magpies. I love their song. When I lived Dublin years ago, I really got home sick for the warble of magpies in the mornings and crickets chirping at dusk.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Look who's now 10!
Happy belated Birthday
for the 17th of June.
We love you very much.
Next year Mummy will be more organised with her posting.
We've just had a busy couple of weeks.