Sunday, February 28, 2010

Musical Lou

This morning I heard a little musical tapping noise in the kitchen. To my surprise, it was Little Lou making music with a cup and containers that he filled with water from the water filter.

He was having a great time tapping away with a pencil, listening to the sounds the cup and containers were making. He noticed the difference in the sound between the glass filled with water compared to the plastic containers filled with water. It was so cute to watch him discovering his little world....:)
Luckily I had the camera near by. He didn't know I was there when I took the first shot.

I found these guys lined up asleep near my front door this week. Oh.... to have chooks again...:)

Monday, February 22, 2010


Finally, I have finished my first knitted jumper. I started this jumper about 2 years ago, then I had to unravel it. I lost a bit of weight which I didn't expect after my 3rd child, Little Lou. He is a big eater - he's 14kg and I'm still breast feeding him. Some days I think food goes in my mouth out my breasts. So now I have a bit yarn left over for a scarf or gloves.

The pattern I used is Klaralund from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. It's a very easy pattern and is just 4 pieces sewn together. I made the body a bit shorter as I wasn't sure how it was going to look. I think that if I knitted it longer it would have been a tent on me. The sleeves are a bit long but it's not going to bother me too much. I'm happy that I have finally finished it and I learned a new stitch, mattress stitch, to sew my jumper together without showing where it has been joined.
I used Noro Wool 84 J, a mix of reds greens brown and pinks. I love this colour way.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Book Review: Who Killed Dave by Linda Cockburn

Who Killed Dave?

Linda from Living the Good Life had a book give away on her blog. You had to read her book and within 8 weeks post a review on your blog. Now, it has been more than 8 weeks (sorry Linda).

Who Killed Dave?

Dave and his dog, Bundy, are the most disliked neighbours in Kaos Court. When Dave died in mysterious circumstances and the finger pointed at the residents of Kaos Court, they start pointing the finger at each other. Robyn is the main suspect according to a TV poll. The more Robyn tries to find out what went on that night, the more trouble she seems to find herself in!.....

It's a funny book but if menage-a-trois, tarot, phone sex and swearing easily offends you, it might not be a book for you (certainly not for young readers - I had to shoo my 9YO away a number of times when she tried to find out what I was laughing at).

I enjoyed reading it but I don't think it is a book I would necessarily have bought as I tend to read more non-fiction. I did love Linda's first book, Living the Good Life, as it is more the type of book I like to read. It is about her journey of living sustainably on a suburban block for 6 months, not spending any money except for bills. They grew what they could and bartered for the rest. I loved the fact that there are tips on how to harvest and cook snails, as well as their nutritional value! No, I don't think I could eat a snail no matter how much garlic was on it (LOL).

Thank you Linda for sending me the book....:)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Scarfy Come Home!..........

It has been so wet up here in the Blue Mountains. We, and half of the mountains, had leaky roofs - our gas fire was leaking down the chimney and out the bottom of the heater.

There has been lots of thunder and electrical storms up here as well as hail. So, I've been off the computer for a while and have been doing some knitting, trying to get through my stash of Noro wool.

I have almost finished a jumper. All I have to do is just sew it together. I'll post about that soon.

I knitted this scarf in two nights. I love Noro wool. I love the bright colours. It is a bit pricey but I love the finished look of the colours. I used Silk Garden, colour way 205 - it's pinks and purples. This pattern, Scarfy Come Home by SpillyJane, is a freebie from Ravelry. This is an easy pattern and knits up so quickly.

There was sun today for the first time in days so we went down the bush track, not far from my place, to take come pictures before Little Lou started to wander off. He was excited as he thought we were going for a bush walk. So, I'm looking a bit serious in a lot of the pictures - there is a stream near by that is flowing very fast from all this rain we have had up here. It's usually a gentle flowing stream. I'm just keeping my eyes on him - he is a very fast little boy. I didn't want him getting to close to the water. I'd like to think I don't look that grumpy all of the time (LOL) - maybe it was being couped up in the house for days. I was feeling all arty-farty and wanted some pictures in the beautiful bush I have surrounding me where I live (and any excuse to get out of the house). :)