Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nutwood Farm

It was such a beautiful Autumn day last Sunday, so we packed a picnic lunch and drove to Mt Irvine (which is another part of the Blue Mountains) to Nutwood Farm  to pick some chestnuts.

We packed everything but I forgot our gloves. Luckily, Nutwood lends out gloves and tongs. Mr F is doing a monster interpretation with his tongs.

It is early in the season so there were plently of nuts on the ground. There weren't many people there. Last time we went chestnut gathering there were lots of people at the farm.

Having tongs made it so much easier to pick up the fallen nuts.

These spikes were even going through the gloves.

Here is some of what we picked. I love the colour. I could imagine some wool dyed this yummy warm brown colour.

Mr F and some of his stash.

We also found a walnut - it was huge.

Here's Katie with what she picked.

It was quite a warm day and after sitting in the sun under a walnut tree, the boys got very sleepy. Here they are having a little nap. It was so beautiful and quiet by this time as we were the only people there. We had the place to ourselves and the boys could just lie there and relax for a while and soak up the warmth of the Autumn morning sun.

After we paid for the chestnuts, we bought some waltnuts at the stall. We didn't pick any walnuts this time as the last time at another nut place, they were rotten inside. Hopefully they will be ok inside this time.

Next to the stall there was a big field. We asked the lady if we could have a picnic there. She was fine with it so the kids ran off, picked a spot right out in the sun, and then they flopped on the ground. I talked them into relocating under a tree where we were not going to get cooked. We had a picnic lunch and the kids ran around. Here, I'm trying not to fall asleep, but I did for a little while, hearing the kids running around laughing and having fun.

As we were laying back, we watched the clouds pass us by in the sky, seeing shapes and images in the clouds. This one made us laugh because it looked like a roast chicken.

When we got home, we lit a fire and got the pot stove going and roasted some of the chestnuts. 

Here they are cooking nicely. Once they were cooked and cooled down a bit, we peeled off the outer shell and ate them while they were still warm. They were so delicious :)


Lynne said...

Waht a lovely way for the family to spend a warm Sunday afternoon! I was in the mountains myself on the weekend, lunch in Blackheath then on to Jenolan Caves on Friday via Lithgow and Oberon, and home via Kanangra Walls, Oberon, Lithgow and the Bells Line of Road!

mountainwildlife said...

Yum! We usually goo up there every year too, it's become a nice autumn tradition, although we go to Kookootonga farm. I might watch out for Nutwood as we are heading up this weekend for some walnuts. We got our chestnuts wild foraging this instead!

Anonymous said...

Those roasted chestnuts look absolutely delicious!

You have me on the look out for a nut farm :-)