Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Very Green Little Cardigan

My knitting needles have been busy for the last few weeks, getting unfinished items knitted up and starting new little items for the baby.

I'm enjoying the little projects - they are quick and satisfying when finished, knowing that the newest member to my little brood with be wearing something that I made (and these little items are great for my stash busting too).

Here is the latest item I have made. It is called Bluebell Cardigan (a freebie from Ravelry of course). I knitted this up quickly and no hassles with the pattern, unlike another raglan pattern that I started then frogged after 2 attempts.

I used Noro Retro that I got on sale from WEBS a year ago when they where having a closeout sale - it was $4.95 US per skein. I bought it for Katie because she loves green, but she thought is was too bright for her when the parcal arrived so I knitted her a scarf instead. I have quiet a few skeins left over so here's 2 skeins down.

It is bright but I like it. I love how its different shades of green are broken with a little bit of white - it works quite well. I sewed these little white shell buttons on but I'm still deciding; do I sew more buttons onto this cardigan to close the front up or leave it at 3 buttons?


Lynne said...

I'd leave it but I'm not fond of attaching buttons! LOL

It must have been frustrating for Katie to decide the colour was too bright after you bought a cardigan's worth!

karisma said...

Oh its beautiful! I absolutely LOVE the colour. :-)

Hilde said...

It's gorgeous :) I love the colours and the buttons!

Anonymous said...

The colours and the buttons are really, really lovely! I love them too! And the cardigan is soo cute. What a great job! Have a good week! Greetings from Germany.

Els said...

Ooooo this looks só cute Anne !
Love the buttons too !
(hey you've been cracking tough nuts lately ;-) ...)

Sea Star said...

Too cute! Can you send me your address please Anne? Mel xx

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of the 3 button closure. I think it looks good, plus it's less sewing and then less fiddeliness when doing up the cardigan (I think I just made up a word :p )

softearthart said...

Oh so sweet, cheers Marie