Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Pebble and Melted Marshmallows

Goodbye Summer, welcome Autumn. It feels like Mother Nature just jumped to Winter up here as it has been so cold and wet the last few days. So I've been snuggled up under the quilt and getting some knitting done before my 'baby brain' kicks in. I'm about half way - due date is about 1st August. With about 5 months to go, there is plenty of knitting time to get UFO's finished.

So here is my first finished baby knitting - it is a cute vest top called Pebble.  I started yesterday afternoon and finished it today. It has been so cold and wet I just lazed in bed and got it finished. The yarn  I used is Cleckheaton Country Naturals 8ply.  Katoomba Knitting and Needlecraft is closing down so they are having a 20% off all wool sale. I picked up 2 balls of this yellow yarn - it has brown and grey flecks through it, which I don't really like as it makes the top look grubby. It is not showing up too much in the photo but you can just see it. I had these cute wooden buttons in my button stash which I got from Sew and Tell down the South Coast in Berry.

Meanwhile, Mr F is down the mountain at a birthday party. Katie and Lou got stuck into my white marshmallow stash :) We had the Nectre Baker oven going non-stop over the last few days to warm the house up and try to dry some washing. Sometimes we can get it to burn overnight but it depends on the wood that we burn and how old it is. We haven't bought any big loads of wood yet as we have made do with the wood that was here when we got the place. There was a big wood pile at the back of the property under some junk when we moved in. I'm not sure why the previous owner would have a wood pile there as there was no wood heater - but apparently he did like having back yard bonfires, even in summer which is really dangerous up here. The neighbours did comment that the previous owner of this place was a bit odd. I'm still picking up bit of glass where he burned an old computer monitor in one of the many bonfires scattered around the backyard.

So the quality of the woods we have been using have been up and down - some burn really well and we get a good heat, and some woods burn but not that hot as it is old wood. I never put Pine wood in the fire - we've been using up the old Gum trees. The lady across the road did some fire hazard reduction by chopping down her old dead trees as we live next to a National Park. She even chopped them to wood burner size. We were very grateful as the wood is burning with a great heat.

So, we toasted some marshmallows over the fire today. We went out in the drizzling rain to find the perfect sticks to pop the marshmallows on and got started. 

It was a lazy PJ day today - we didn't bother getting out of our pyjamas.



Sue said...

Your pebble vest is so cute. I think the weather has gone a bit strange lately, hot one day and cold the next. It must be nice being able to toast marshmallows inside on a cold night!

karisma said...

I love the vest, the colur does not look grubby at all to me. It was a bit cold here too this week although not enough to put the fire on yet. Hopefully it will stay warm a bit longer. ;-)

Els said...

LOvely vest Anne !
Mmmmmm marshmallows very fine indeed
(love that raccoon hat Katie's wearing, do they come in baby size too ;-) ?)

Jan said...

I found your blog from a comment left on Lynne's blog about her daughter moving north.

Wool shop closing down? I was thinking of it last week and perhaps I'll be making a train trip soon. Mum and Dd came from Lithgow and had two houses at Lawson for many years. I really wanted to move up there again a couple of years ago, but it just wasn't practical.

Lynne said...

We had two very cool Saturdays here (the last one in February and the first one in March) but I haven't needed to resort to heaters yet! It's funny that we aren't that far apart in distance but the climate change is dramatic! We are off to Jenolan Caves this weekend so we will experience mountain weather for ourselves!