Sunday, October 28, 2012

Festival Of Green

Yesterday Katie, Mr F, and I took a trip down the mountain to the Festival of Green at Springwood Primary School where we met our TV idol,  Costa, from Gardening Australia. We love the Gardening Australia show on the ABC at 6:30pm on Saturday evenings. Costa was running no-dig garden workshops in the school's veggie garden. I love no-dig gardens. I have made a few these gardens in rental properties in the past.

I'm inspired to make a few no-dig gardens at home here.

Here he is making the first layer.

Mr F keen to help laying the lucerne. It's like making a garden lasagna with all the layers of cow and chicken manure, leaves and lucerne.

Katie and myself lending a hand.

Costa was so friendly and approachable. He made time for everyone who wanted to say hello. He even gave Mr F a bag with charcoal in it so that he could  look at the structure of the charcoal under a Microscope, which made Mr F's day.

After the workshop we had a wander around the rest of the festival. There were little chickens for sale but they where un*exed. So it was a bit of a 50/50 gamble if you were going to get a hen for $15 a chick. If you don't mind getting a roster that's OK, but if you're planing them for the backyard most councils don't let you have roosters. It annoyed me as these are living things, not a disposable item. I felt a bit sad for the fate of the young chicks that to grow to be roosters.

Katie and Mr F had a great time on the dodgem cars....

... and the huge slide.

There was a little demo in Aquaponics. I couldn't see any fish in the tub and the water was very murky.

The Blue Mountains Wildplant rescue was also there selling their plants.

School Chickens: These lovely ladies look so happy wandering around pecking at the grass.

There was a scarecrow competition.

This was an invisible man. Not sure it would scare any birds, but it did look realistic.

We listened to story tellers and had a great day. I forgot my hat and got a little bit sunburnt, but it was a wonderful festival and I hope they have it again. Lou was at a birthday party and was disappointed that he didn't get to meet Costa.


Lynne said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Costa came to Mamre House when I still worked there (a few years ago now) and was nice to everyone.

We had a no-dig garden but had to let it go. The trees next door found it to be an excellent source of water and nutrients and sucked all the goodness out -- our vegetable plants did not thrive as they should have!

Sea Star said...

Looks like a fun day was had by all, Costa is heading up this way next month.

karen said...

wow, that sounds great! no dig garden beds worked wonders for the rock solid clay soil at my old house, their great. I feel sorry for roosters too. We have a little silky guy and luckily the neighbours insist they dont hear him so he gets to stay. Hes a lovely little character

Els said...

Sorry Anne, missed this wonderful post: looks like you all had a great time !
(that garden programm might look a bit like a garden programm we always looked at on the BBC, with lots of good ideas and people ( those tv stars) helping out in community gardens)

Amber said...

Oh love Costa, I wish thw whole world would get the growing bug. Nice pics.