Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Little Box

Inside this little match box that Lou is painting is an important little treasure...

Lou lost his first tooth today. My little boy is growing up so fast.

Lou was so excited. He has been carrying his tooth around all day. We lost it once in the car but luckily he found it quickly. The second wiggly tooth is not far behind the first.

At the moment it is under his pillow for safe keeping.

It was freezing up here in the mountains today. Lou was playing with my camera, taking random shots of things that appealed to him - like my next door neighbour's washing! When he wasn't taking pictures of random things, Lou took this photo of me shivering while I'm knitting  Annabel .

I should have finished this project ages ago but I've been dragging my feet. I really didn't get a lot of knitting done this Winter and I have quite a substantial stash to get through. I still haven't knitted a sock or figured out how to crochet yet - it has been on my knitting 'to do' list for a few years now. Time is flying by - I've just been busy with our new place sorting out the garden and house.  

Lou painted this fire truck putting out a fire this afternoon.


Lynne said...

Great fire truck painting.

Annabel looks like a lovely, warm cardigan - you'd better hurry or you won't need it for a while!

Els said...

Hope the weather turns out for the best soon ...
Love the fire truck !!!
(you're a great painter, Lou ! and don't loose your tooth ... hope the box is soon ready for it, ha !)

Sea Star said...

What a grown up boy Lou is getting! Love to toothless pic, too cute!