Sunday, October 7, 2012

Escape Artfest - Milton 2012

We just had a beautiful sunny week down the South Coast. The weather was amazing - it's so nice to get out of the cold mountains for a while. Near where we stay at my folks place, a little town called Milton had an Art Festival going on. There is art in shop window, displays and hanging up in shops, cafes and gallerys.

I was was really taken by this art display in Home Address' shop window. The artist is Jan Kierzkowski. Check out her blog Notes from the Willow Grove to see more of her beautiful artwork.

We met Jan on the evening of the Milton Gallery walk. She was so lovely answering my kids and my  questions about her art work. She got Katie and Mr F inspired.

These pictures are some of the entries in the Bendigo Bank Art Prize 2012 8X8 Canvas. I love this tree picture - the bark had a raised texture which was coming out of the canvas. Unfortunately, the photo didn't capture it very well.

I also love this tree branch coming of the canvas too. Katie took these photos.

We got there a bit late as we had been at the beach that afternoon. So by the time we got cleaned up and got there we caught the last hour of the walk and a bit of music. It was a beautiful evening - I could feel Summer on its way.

And of course, what is an Artfest without street performers.

After looking around, we went to Pilgrams Cafe. It has the best vegetarian food. We got a nachos to share. 

I was taking a few pictures without the flash. I like the warm light from the street lights - it gives the pictures a softer edge. Sometimes I find the light from the flash is a bit to harsh.

As the cafe was really busy we had to wait a while. So while we waited, the kids did their own version of performing a bit of street theatre................


Sea Star said...

Wow great timing for your visit. Looks like you had fun.

Els said...

So good you had some nice days together ! The Artfest looked like fun !
(very promising street-act ;-)....)

Lynne said...

Looks like you all had a great time! And last Saturday would have been a real chilly "welcome" home!

Yeshe said...

so true about the flash, looks like a lot of fun