Monday, January 21, 2013

Summer Holidays

Wow! Haven't those last couple of  months just flown by since I last posted. Well, it didn't help with blogger refusing to upload my photos. I would have posted 2 week ago but I got the poops with it and didn't get back to it until my partner found another way to upload my pictures from the computer. I'm seriously thinking of changing over to Wordpress. I looked at Typepad but I didn't want to pay to have a blog and it's not like I have adds on my blog to pay for the blog.

Well, happy belated New Year! I hope the weather hasn't been too weird in your part the world. In Australia we had a heat wave last week. It got up to 36 degrees here in the upper mountains, which is quite hot for us upper mountianers who are used to our cold misty days.

We did our usual family pilgrimage down the south coast for our summer holiday, met up with friends and had Christmas down the beach. We had to avoid the bluebottles which were floating around us and getting washed up on the beach. 

The kids loved the ocean water. The water was too cold for me so I only went in to my knees (and all the bluebottles put me off). We try and get down to my folk's beach house as much as we can. While I love the mountains, it is nice to get out of the mountains for a week or so, trying to find a balance between living in the bush and getting down to the ocean.

I find the ocean re-energises my soul. I try and get up at dawn and watch the sunrise, do some meditation and go for a long walk on my own. I didn't get to do that this time, I was too sick (but that's for another post!).

Lou trying to surf on his boogie board while dodging the bluebottles (jellyfish).

He did get stung on his arm. Just a little one washed up on his arm in the surf. We rinsed it with fresh water and he was ok. Luckly it was only a little one.

Here Mr F is looking all grown up. He's turning 9 this year - wow time has flown by.

I got an i-phone for Christmas and this is what happens when I let my kids play with it!

We watched the fireworks down at Ulladulla Harbour for New Years Eve. It was lovely to watch fireworks by the ocean. Even though there were lots of people, it's still not like the crowds in Sydney. These are picture that I took on my phone. I'm amazed how well the pictures turned out. 

After the fireworks, the kids went on a few rides. Mr F went on a Chair-o-plane for the first time. I was worried at first. His face looked terrified but after a few times around, his face changed from terror to a big smile. I was so relieved. He is like me - I get giddy really easily. I love the idea of amusement rides, but I don't have the stomach for it.

Hopefully, I'll be back posting regularly. I have a big knitting stash to get through.


Lynne said...

Welcome back -- nice to read you in print again. I have heard, by someone who switched, that Wordpress is no better! If you're using a desktop or laptop computer to post, try using Windows Live Writer instead of doing it in blogger -- I do, and it's so much faster and easier!

Els said...

Hi my dear Anne, and all the best to you and lovely family for the year 2013 !
Missed you a bit, but with a busy family life it's quite normal you don't have time for everything you want to do !
Too bad you were sick during the holidays ! (some people get sick the moment they finally can relax a bit ..... ?!)
Well swimming in between the jellifish isn't my cup of tea either ! And we don't go that often to the sea, we're more woods people ;-)
Lovely photo's of the young ones.

How sad about your cat: I've totally missed that ! (I will sure miss our two, when they go back to daughter's house in the future)