Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Freaky Snow!

Last Friday we woke up to an amazing sight - snow flakes falling from the sky! The kids and I were laying in bed watching it from my bedroom window. It was very exciting for us as it hardly ever snows up here in the upper mountains any more. We get the occasional little bit falling from the sky, but nothing that ever settles. Last week we were down the south coast in the warmth, and the ocean and sun, then came back to the cold of the mountains.

My Waratahs are covered...

I don't even recognise my backyard. It must be a couple inches of snow. It kept falling for hours.

My front yard looked so beautiful cover in snow.

This dead old tree looked so beautiful. I was worried some of the branches would fall off due to the weight of the snow.

My fairy looks like she is shivering.

We put on our wet weather gear and headed off for a snow walk down our street. We didn't bother going to school as part of the highway was closed. So we stayed home and got the fire going.

And of course, we couldn't resist a snow fight.

My little snow angels.

We started to build a snowman but the kid's hands got too cold. We don't have waterproof gloves so they went inside and warmed themselves by the fire. I kept building this snow stalagmite - it was taller than me but it melted in a day.


Lynne said...

I hear there was still snow on the ground in some places late on Saturday. Did you see my blog photos (well, not my photos but my blog) about Blackheath station? A new wool shop (The House of Wool) was due to open in Blackheath on Friday; it was postponed to Saturday!

Els said...

NOOOOOOOOO ! Anne, I couldn't believe my eyes (I bet you neither ;-) ....) It's supposed to be SPRING over there with you !!!!!
Well I hope that you all enjoyed the fun and that the sun will be shining soon again, so "spring" can take over once more .... !
(beautiful pics though !)

Lady Demelza said...

Oh that is just so wonderful and beautiful! I am quite jealous. I love snow so much and I never get to play in it.

Sea Star said...

crazy weather, what a fun day! I love your fairy!!

diane_s said...

great photos

kristin said...

oh my!! what a surprise! as you head into spring and we into winter i guess either of our yards could look this way. really wonderful pictures!