Monday, April 14, 2008

Little Pony

All I want is a little pony,

Jig jog jig jog jiggidy jig.

Not to fat and not too boney

Jig jog jig jog jiggidy jig.

For I want to go for a ride,

Far out in the countryside, with a...

Jig jog jig jog jig jog jiggidy,

Jig jog jig jog jiggidy jig.

This was my first attempt at knitting a toy animal. I got the pattern out of Toymaking with Children by Freya Jaffke.

It should have been a simple, straight forward pattern - easy enough for a beginner like me to follow but I buggered it up. The front legs are shorter than the back and the pony looks like it needs a good feed.
But, a 10 month old wouldn't have noticed. He knows I made it with love and good intentions. Besides, he bit it then threw it on the floor once he realised it wasn't food! My older two thought this was funny.

Katie drew another one of her lovely pictures to put up on the blog to show the world she is becoming quite a little artist (at 7)! She has a love for drawing which I hope she never loses.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anne, coming here via Munchkinland!

I think your horse looks great! Most of my knitted animals and gnomes come out too skinny too...must be from too tight tension?

Lynne said...

Horses are obviously beloved animals at your place!

Missed you on Saturday.