Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Felted Dolphin

I met up for a coffee with Mel from Sea Star Craft last week and she gave me some patterns for some felted toys.

I've been after a dolphin pattern for a little while now. In making the dolphin, I wet felted the top with greens and blues and used a plain grey felt for the underneith section.

The butterfly top was felted by me - the botton was felt I already had. I put a little bit of thick pipe cleaner in the middle section of the butterfly so a child can move it up and down.

The Sea-Horses where a finger puppet design. I just sewed them up and stuffed them.

Today in my oil burner, I'm burning a blend from Perfect Potion called AIR. It's a blend of fir, myrtle, lemon, spike lavender, maychang and lemon eucalyptus.

We have been fighting a cold here with all our sneezeing and coughing. I find this a beautiul blend to burn when I want to cleanse the air in my home.


Lynne said...

They're all cute but I love the dolphin - well done.

SeaStar said...

Wow! They look great. Glad you have enjoyed the patterns.