Saturday, August 2, 2014

Do you want build a snowman?

I got a text last night from a friend asking if we got any snow! A friend of hers who lives in the next town down from us had snow all over her car. I stuck my head out the door and to my surprise it was snowing. We all put our jackets and gloves on then went outside and played in the falling snow. It was only a dusting compared to some parts of the world,
but it was still exciting for us! Last year we had no snow.

The snow flakes were so big! I tried taking pictures but it was too dark. Katie managed to take a photo of her snowman that she built!

When we got up this morning there must have been more snow over night. There was a dusting of snow all over the yard that hadn't melted. The boys got up and checked out the snow.

Some of the greens in the veggie patch didn't seem to like the snow and my daffodils that have come up early look a bit worse for wear this morning!


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Zena said...

It's exciting when it snows here isn't it because we don't get the same ground cover as other parts of the world. A snowman is the perfect family activity to celebrate. We have had snow, ferocious winds and no electricity these past few days.