Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rainy Days

Here's one of Katie's pictures!

This week has been a wintery wet one. 
Stuck indoors, it's too cold to stay out side for too long.

One day this week we slept in and didn't make it to school, so we hung out at home in our PJs. The boys and I made an apple cinnamon cake, which smelled amazing when it was cooking. We also got our paints and paper out and got creative.

Mr F painted a sword.

I painted some of the flowers in the vase in front of me while Sian pulled on my arm, wanting my attention.

Here is Lou's picture!

And our yummy cake was washed down with lots of tea.

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Els said...

Nothing better to fight the cold rainy days than staying together in a warm house, flowers and cake on the table and a looooot of drawing paper ;-) Hope the next week is better !