Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 29/30

I've been so busy I've lost track of time. I've fallen behind with the weeks!
I have taken these pictures in the last few weeks.
Sian fell asleep at dinner. One minute she was awake when we where all talking, then she was asleep. It's the first time she ever done that!
These pictures are from last weeks playgroup. It's the first time Sian has been this close to chickens!


Stins said...

That's so sweet :-)...
I feel like that a lot too lately!
Love, Mirjam.

Zena said...

Absolutely adorable. I wish I could fall asleep like that. Chickens and children are a match made in heaven.

Denise Price said...

Cute photos! I remember my son falling asleep at the table like that, when he was a baby. :)

Lynne said...

I have a similar photo of Older Grandson sleeping in his high chair and I remember DD doing it while my mother pushed her in the baby swing!