Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hello Possum!

Finally, I finished a second pair of socks!
These socks took longer to knit due to the fact I don't seem to enjoy knitting with just one colour. But Katie finally got her socks and she "likes them very much." I like them too.

They are made with Naturally Waikiwi 4ply yarn. It has possum fur, alpaca, merino and nylon. 

Here's a picture drawn by Katie. I didn't make any art work for the Summer of Color last week as we have all been sick, and the week flew by. I got over a head cold to come down with a flu!


Els said...

Ahhhh Anne, poor you !!!
The socks look great ! and YES knitting in one (dark) colour isn't as much fun as selfstriping or more colourful yarns.
(did Sian pick up the flu too ??? hope not)
All the best to you all !

Nicole said...

i would love me a pair of knitted socks and yours socks are great, i find knitting is way too slow for me