Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lou's socks

Socks are flying off the knitting needles here! Mr F, Sian then me are in the sock queue. I'm quite enjoying knitting socks for the family. 

Lou loves his socks. He was so excited. 
When I was knitting them, Lou wanted me to knit them while he was wearing them. I sewed the ends in this morning and they were on his feet with a beaming smile.

The yarn is Moda Vera Noir that I got on sale for $2.50 a few years ago. It's been sitting in my stash for a while now with rest my sock yarn! There was plenty left on the skein so I'll get a few pairs knitted up for the boys. 


Zena said...

They are fantastic! Lou's face says it all.

Zena said...
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Het Wolbeest said...

What a lovely pair! Love, Alexandra

Nicole said...

these are very nice Anne, id love to crochet some but its at the bottom of a very long list of things i want to learn to do.
ill let you know about the fire wood when i find the paper work :o)