Sunday, November 3, 2013

First Berries of the Season

I have been watching my neighbour's cherry trees for the last few weeks. I've been admiring them from my kitchen window when I have my breakfast each morning, watching them grow, fatten up and ripen. Usually they don't last on the tree this long but the smoke from the fires near by and the insane noise from the cicadas this season has kept the parrots away.

To my horror this morning I saw this cheeky Crimson Rosella having its breakfast on the berries I've been keeping an eye on. Even though they are my neighbour's trees, a few branches hang over my fence with berries. Last year the berries didn't get this far. 

I ran outside and shooed it off and picked the ripest ones. They need a few more days to sweeten up but the few I tried were lovely. So I got 2 little nets and covered the berries hanging over my fence.

I walked over to the other side of my garden to check out my cherry tree that we planted last year. My cherries are white and half the size but at least the Rosellas haven't munched on them yet!

Under my apple tree where I planted strawberries we have our first strawberry of the season that hasn't been eaten by the wild life (I was so excited).  :)

Mr F is trying to find another ripe strawberry. The orange bug you can see on the post in the bottom of the picture is a cicada. They are everywhere in my garden at the moment. They're making so much noise I can't stay out in the garden for long. They started as early as 5.30 this morning - I was awake for an early morning feed and I could hear them. 

Lou enjoying the first strawberry from our garden.


karisma said...

Ooh lovely! And nice of the wild life to leave a little for you guys. :-) I discovered our peaches were being eaten on the weekend so harvested a bunch of them early. Hoping they will be ok. Hubby has been eating them crunchy LOL.

Els said...

Ha, I can imagine you want to protect "your" cherries !!!!
(though the bird looks beautiful)
Here with us, cherries normally are much later in the season ...
Unfortunately our garden isn't big enough to have some fruit trees ...

Tammie Lee said...

such a gorgeous and colorful bird!
but i wouldn't want it eating my cherries either. once upon a time we had cherry trees, we put netting on them to keep the birds away, but sometimes birds got stuck in them, so sad.

lovely photos
of yummy things!