Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blue and Green

Here's a sneak preview of a shawl I started when I was pregnant. This was going to be my breastfeeding shawl then my hands got too sore to knit so I put it away for a while. I'm hoping to finish it before the little one stops feeding. I've been itching to get back into crafting again. It was so good to get my knitting out today and try to get a few rows knitted. I love this blue and green wool - it looks more purple and yellow in the picture.

I snuck a few rows in while the little one was feeding. She was having a big lunch and she kept it down. She is a bit of a happy chucker - she gobbles her milk down, gives me a big milky smile and then up it comes! I think her tummy has grown a bit - she is not vomiting as much a she use too.

I keep finding random pictures of my older two on my phone being silly - my kids have joined the 'selfie' flock.


karisma said...

The knitting looks lovely. I am a big fan of blue and green together. I remember as a kid being told it was not appropriate. Of course you say that to a child and what are they going to wear? Right? My favourite colours still. Love all shades. :-)

Sea Star said...

Love the shawl, Its nice to see you have your blogging mojo back. I have "missed" you! Mel xx

Jess said...

Your shawl is so beautiful, I love the colours! The photo of your gorgeous baby with it draped next to her, such a cosy picture. :)
Jess xx