Saturday, November 16, 2013

Farming Small Areas Expo

I was trying to blog each day in November but my plan fell by the way side and I got caught up in the real world, too tired to blog, and the days went by one by one!

Today while the little one is sleeping when I should be doing house work
 "cough cough" LOL!, I'm going to try and write a post - here goes.

The other weekend we took trip down the mountain to check out the Farming Small Areas Expo. It was a hot day so we didn't stay for long. We're not use to hot days as it doesn't get that hot in the upper mountains.

As I'm still breastfeeding Bubs, I find I run out of energy rather quickly in the heat.I have to keep drinking heaps of water to keep up with my body sweating and producing milk for the little one.

I was looking forward to checking out the miniature cattle but we didn't see them. We did see some alpacas, a horse with blue eyes and some poor shawn sheep standing in their pen feeling sorry for themselves after having a bad haircut. I also bought 2 pots of honey at half price and a huge pumpkin for $1.

Bubs snuggled against her daddy in the sling.

Lou was fascinated with the ladies on their spinning wheels and they were kind enough to let Lou help spin the wheel and push on the peddle.

And we had to go on the electronic massage cushions.

We gave this horse with blue eyes a pat. I haven't seen a horse with blue eyes before.

This poor sheep was looking so miserable after been butchered with the shears. At least in the heat it would have been feeling a lot cooler.

Katie took the picture of the this motorbike carved out of wood.

The kids also got a ride on a horse and cart around an oval. Katie took this picture of the horse. The wind was picking up but luckily the boys didn't lose their hats on the ride. Thanks to some sheep escaping, the kids got to have an extra lap on the oval. The lady was worried that her horse might have gotten spooked by the sheep running around with people trying to catch them!

On they way down and back up the mountains we had to drive down Hawksbury road where the fires in the lower mountains have been through. We saw the devastation that the fire took on the bush and homes and the houses that had escaped the flames. It was a stark reminder for us to have our place in order this summer. These are photos I took of the bush, not anyone's property.

Our little angel has discovered how tasty her fingers are. She prefers them to her dummy☺


Cloudia said...

Bless you folks

ALOHA from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral
=^..^= <3

Els said...

Hey it's okay to be tired : that's what breastfeeding does with you (too) ;-)

You all had a wonderful trip ! Love the alpaca's (that wool is so soft !)
HA, you're right : a very bad hair cut !!! But the up-side was : a lot cooler.
The horse with the blue eyes looks very special (and so do the man with the hats !!!)
Indeed a sorry sight that burned bush !!!! Thank heaven nature will restore itself, but too bad for all those people with burned homes ...
Have a good sunday

Lynne said...

My DD would have loved that farm show!

Bubs is cute and growing so fast!