Sunday, January 27, 2013

Coffee Shop

I have entered the word of i-Phone - my partner got me one for Christmas. I was a bit lost with it at first but it's growing on me. I can see how people can get addicted to these gadgets. Access to the Internet is faster than my old computer, which keeps crashing at the most inappropriate times, especially when I'm pinning on Pinterest. I keep forgetting to pop my camera in my handbag so I have been using the camera on my phone instead. I took these pictures the other day at the coffee shop of my boys having a chat. They look so cute.

Also, my kids love my i-Phone as well. I keep finding random pictures on my phone.
Here is Katie with a squid on her head.


Lynne said...


My desktop is probably feeling abandoned now that I have an iPad!

Els said...

Ha, Anne, I see Katie has a gift with special hats !!!
(a bit of a "mad hatter" ? no offence Katie !)