Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour - 2008

Here's to doing our bit for the environment :-)
Off with all the electrical goodies and on with the candles (Hmmm... do candles produce CO2?).
Anyway, we all had fun creating our own entertainment with an assortment of instruments for the first half hour. The second half hour we all snuggled up on the bean bag listening to dad play guitar by candlelight. The excitement got too much for the little ones (Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................).


Kate said...

Sounds like we had similar night - we were visiting a friend in Coogee so sat in the lounge with the candles while Chris played guitar - nice.

Apparently pure beeswax candles have low CO2 emissions

Lynne said...

We did our bit too - I knitted!

Lizz said...

What a sweet blog!

I'm glad you found mine so I could find yours.


denise said...

We had a nice beeswax candle night too. We should do it more often, I think!