Monday, March 24, 2008


It's been a while between blogs - I had to get a new internet provider and now I'm finally back on line (yippppee!).

I haven't been doing much craft stuff as I've been trying to catch up on sleep. Little Loopity Lou has been busy growing some teeth (6 of them) and I've been feeling like a big organic teething rusk.

However, I managed to make some needle-felted Starfish for Katie's school craft stall.
I've made some other items as well but they're half finsished and all over the house away from little hands. My goal is to try and finish all these half started projects before I start new ones.
There's so much that I want to do but not much time, and with sleep deprivation I try not to get frustrated because that would dampen my creative energy. I suppose it is all about balance (I do get a bit lop-sided with 10 and half kg hanging off my boobs!).

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Lynne said...

Good to see you back on line. Those little starfish are cute. I've yet to try needle felting - I have needles and wool but haven't been motivated - yet! [Holidays are coming!!]