Saturday, June 14, 2014

Knit In Public Day

It was Knit In Public day today at the House of Wool in Blackheath. I knitted from 10am until 4pm and my hands are aching from the cold and knitting most of the day!

I managed to get a fair bit of Katie's sock finished in between chatting, laughing, eating yummy cake and drinking tea. My goal is to get Katie's sock finished for her birthday on Tuesday.

It was a great day with lots of people coming and going. Some of the ladies from the Blacktown and Blaxland Knitter's Guild came up on the train for a visit as well the ladies from the Upper Mountains Knitter's Guild. Even a guinea pig popped in ( it had just been picked up for one of the knitter's sons).

After I have finished these socks I can maybe finally cast on a pair of socks for myself. My boys have put in a request for a pair too.

On the way home I saw this rainbow just peering out from the tree tops!

This gorgeous Ozifarmers Market merino-cashmere mix yarn had to come home with me!


Els said...

Oh Anne, you must have had a wonderful day !!! It's always fun to do some craft together !
LOVE the yummy-yummy yarns on the table behind that fun looking "hand-warmer" boy (or girl)
That last bit of yarn is too beautiful for "just" socks I think ... may be a shawlette ?

And unto the next pair of socks Anne : when they get the hang of home made socks ... you can go on for quite some time ;-))
(when you've done the round ... the first one asks for a second pair ... because they are so nice to wear !!!)

Zena said...

What a fun event and to top it off a rainbow and fine wool at the end of a cold day out.