Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Sushi Train / Belated Blogging

I had these photos on my iPhone that I took a few weeks ago when Sian, the boys and I checked out the new sushi train place in town.

We had a choice of interesting combinations of sushi to choose from but had to be mindful not to go too crazy by picking lots of plates which had different prices, which would have cost a fortune.  But it looked so delicious as it passed us by to tempt us.

I should have posted these photos a while ago. Since then, Mr F and Lou have had hair cuts. This post is for my memory of that lovely afternoon I had with Sian and the boys.
I have read about a movement in the blogging world about slow blogging!
That amused me. Maybe there is such a  
thing as belated blogging!

Maybe? ;)


karisma said...

Yes Yes I am pretty sure there is a thing called belated blogging. Its becoming a habit of mine too. ;-) Great pics. Hugs xox

Zena said...

So lucky to have Sushi train so close to your home. Ours is 2.5 hours away. I have often wondered about "belated blogging." There are "moments" that have passed I would still love to put up on my blog:)

Lynne said...

How about "belated blog commenting"? ;-)