Sunday, May 4, 2014

Metters Canberra Wood Stove

The other night I had the joy of cooking pizza in this old Canberra wood stove in our our friend's kitchen. It probably dates back to the 30's - isn't it a beauty. It was fun to cook in but I dont know if I would want to cook on it every night. You would have to be really organised. It takes a while for the oven to really heat up so I think the novelty would wear off quickly for me. But on those chilly mountain winter evenings it would be lovely having it running all day with a roast slowly cooking in it and the aroma warming up the house.

It does look gorgous in the kitchen and warms up the kitchen space. At one stage we did get quite hot working in front of it. The pizzas came out beautifully but I forgot to take a picture of the cooked pizzas.

The temperature has really dropped here in the last few days. I thought we might have had some snow, but not yet. We had the fire cranked up to warm the house and another sock on the needle. This sock is for Katie - it is Waikiwi NZ Merino, Alpaca, Possum and Nylon.
It is so lovely and toasty, I keep trying it on. As soon as I have finished this pair, I'm casting a pair for me. :)


Els said...

Must be great to have a stove like that : open the little fire door and the kitchen?room is warm ;-)

WOW what a rug !!! smashing colours !

Lynne said...

I see you've discovered that sock knitting is addictive! LOL