Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Girl with the Violet Hair

Here's a fabulous drawing that Katie drew in the waiting room while I was at an appointment yesterday.

She is blossoming into a talented artist.
I love seeing what she creates in her art journals.

I wish I had the energy to be creative. At the moment, a teething baby that wakes up at 3 am most mornings is a bit draining. I know it's only for a short time. Before I know it Sian will be all grown up. She only a baby for such a short time hence all the baby pictures on my blog at moment and not much knitting or crafting. 


Els said...

Hey Katie's doing great !

Thanks for the birthday wishes ;-)

No that's not a pond but a small canal that runs behind it .... but : it's visually ours ha, ha !

Strength with the teething of your lovely chess piece !!!!!

Lynne said...

Wow, Katie! You are really developing your own style. Keep it up!