Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sock Monkey

I love how some days things sererndipitously happen. Last Wednesday after coming out of music group for little ones at the local school, Sian and I stumbled into a sock monkey making workshop at the Hub, next to the school. One of the mothers mentioned the workshop to me at the end of the class.

I just had to buy a new pair of socks for $3 because I didn't fancy using an old clean pair of socks that they had there for Sian. I started the monkey on Wednesday with the help of some of the lovely mums giving Sian cuddles as I quickly sewed up the monkey before she started freaking out. I was so excited that I finished it last night after getting back from the Knitter's Guild. I was worried that it would sit on my dressing table for the next few months.

It is so nice to finish a project. My world at the moment seems to be a lot of endless unfinished projects, hence the unfinished needle-felted Kracken in the background which I stated for Mister F a few years ago and the painting that I was playing around with last weekend. Katie and I were having creative time together in my art space. She came up with the topic of autumn and we both had to paint or draw something to do with autumn. I was playing around with autumn colours and Kaite drew a goddess which we both didn't finish, which is OK - it was more about spending time together. But this weekend, I finished the sock monkey and Sian's mobile which I will leave for another post!

Sian loves it. Her little eyes light up when I give it to her, but because of the buttons it is not really a suitable toy for her at the moment - she goes straight for the monkey's eyes.

My sewing  is a bit rustic but it was fun to make. Next time I make one (which will probably be soon - Lou has put in a request for one too), I'll sew it with a sewing machine and hand sew the fiddly bits. I can see how these are addictive to make!

I didn't crochet the little flower. It was off a hair clip that had fallen off and it has been in my sewing box for the last few years waiting to be used as a head dress for a sock monkey ;)



Lynne said...


I don't have your email address so couldn't answer privately -- we are moving to Emu Heights so not far at all!

karisma said...

Very cute! Well done. :-)