Tuesday, March 18, 2014


My Dahlias are in full bloom at the moment, with their bright cheerful blooms bringing a smile to my face. I'm slowly collecting different colours. So far I have orange, pink, yellow and a red-orange colour. My aim is to plant them on my fence line and have a wall of colour.

When I travelled around New Zealand years ago, I saw dahlias being grown on the fence line of huge properties on the road side. They had been there for years - the bushes where huge. I would admire them as we drove around the country and I told myself that when I get my own place, I'm going to plant a wall of dahlias on my fence line.

I just experimented with a few plants as we are on a ridge upon a hill. We tend to get a bit of wind and we  have poor soil. I did add soil and cow manure but I need to keep building up the soil so the dahlia bushes grow nice and big. But for now I don't need to stake them. 

Katie took this picture of me at the coffee shop the other day. I had no idea she she took the photo. Usually she takes random pictures of me and I usually have my eyes closed or a grumpy, tired, or silly expression on my face. I'm still getting used to my hair being so short after years of having long hair. 


Stins said...

That must be a pretty sight all those coloured dahlias
in a row!
Nice picture of you! You look so relaxed.... :-)
Love from Mirjam.

FilzGarten said...

Funny for me to see lovely dahlias now - ist just springtime here! Like your "short" hair - my hair is a lot shorter ;-)!

Lynne said...

Nice photo, Katie.

Do dahlias die back in winter?