Friday, January 10, 2014


We got back from the warmth of the South Coast to the cool misty 12 degrees of the Blue Mountains
yesterday. It could have been mistaken for Autumn so I cranked up the fire and made a loaf of bread to put in Nectre Oven to go with the home made soup I made with the leftover chicken from the takaway from the night before. The house smelt homely with the bread baking in the fire oven.

Next morning after we arrived back, I had a wander around my garden. I was greeted by my veggie patch that had been busy growing while I was gone. It was such a lovely surprise to see how much the veggies have grown but I was sad to see my Rosa Rugosa Scabrosa (Rose Hip) hadn't fared so well. It seemed to have dried out in the pot. I have given it heaps of water and it is sitting in a saucer of water soaking its roots - hopefully it will pick up.

Not only have the veggies been doing well while I was away, it seems the weeds have been growing well too!

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Lynne said...

Looking good. Don't let the zucchini so get too big, they are flavorless the bigger they get (ask me how I know!)