Sunday, January 26, 2014


Can you believe it? Another week has flown by up to week 4.

Sian's big sister, Katie, took the picture this week on the iPhone (the battery in my Nikon has died and won't charge up).

This week, Sian is 6 months old and has started the inquisitive rolling around the lounge room, checking out her world. Soon down stairs will be a Lego free zone. The boys have been warned - any stray Lego down stairs will be going on a holiday for a while! She is also sitting up with a little help, but still face planting if she leans over too far to one side!

Soon we'll be painting in the lounge room. The colour on my wall was from the previous owner. I wanted to live in the house for a while to get a feel for the place before we start doing any thing to it.


Els said...

what a lovely smile !!!!!

Jessica G. said...

I came over from Practising Simplicity and am glad I did. What a cute baby! And I am super impressed that this amazing picture was taken on an iphone.