Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hello anyone out there!

Finally, Blogger has let me type a post. It was having problems on my previous post, hence all the pics and no text. Now I'm back.

Sian is almost 12 weeks old. We have been so wrapped up in the newest member of our family I haven't been near the computer for quite a while. I've been going to bed early to cope with the night feeds and have been able to drive my boys to school safely - not in a sleep deprived comatose state.

It has been nice to have a break from blogging but I feel I have the urge to post again. But where to start.... I have a phone full of photos from the last couple of months - mainly of Sian.

A few months ago I discovered Flora Bowley's blog. I love her art and the process of her art making. I was  inspired to dust off my brushes and paint a picture through this pregnancy. I had this creative urge to paint when I couldn't knit due the excess fluid from being pregnant making me feel like a puffer fish. At least I  could paint.

So in a Flora style I closed my eyes, breathed and just painted, not thinking about it too much. There's a few layers as I just kept adding, walking away and coming back to the painting. I let go of my fears of it not being perfect and just enjoy painting. So here is what I came up with....



Els said...

Well of course dear Anne .... just waiting for you to have a bit of time/possibility to say "hi" again !!
Just the other day visited here, to drink in all those lovely pictures of your (4) kids and wondering how things where going with little Sian ;-))
Great to hear all is well and you're coping !

All the best and a good (spring) weekend !

Els said...

Sorry : totally forgot complimenting on your wonderful painting !!!

Sea Star said...

Your art is beautiful Anne! I am hoping to make a visit your way at the end of November, I would love to catch up1 Mel xx

karisma said...

Wow! You are multi-talented. Have not been online much myself lately and missed your little ones arrival. Congratulations to you all. I hope you are keeping safe from all these fires. I have been thinking of you. Sending much love xoxoxo