Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Crafty Katie

Months ago when I was pregnant, Katie came to me with his grey rabbit. It was a present for her sister before she was born. I was blown away. Katie designed the pattern, cut it out, sewed it together herself and under the red love heart on the rabbit's chest she put some small crystals. This was one of the many little sentimental things that came with us this week when we left the mountains for a few days when the fires were burning not so far away from us. Luckily the big fire that was predicted didn't eventuate but I'm still cautious. It made me think about all the stuff I own and re-evaluate what I have and don't really need as we live right near the bush. The threat of bushfire each season is more likely with the way the weather is changing. Funny, this time last year we had a huge snow fall that hasn't been seen in years.

Here is our little lady modeling of one her designer singlets made by Katie!

As we can't quite walk or crawl down the catwalk, we can manage a wiggle and a bit of drooling in her cot. Our little lady is lapping up all the attention. Katie sewed the strawberry on Sian's little singlet - looks very cute.


Sea Star said...

Very cute indeed! Was thinking of you with all the fires. Mel xx

Waldkind said...

soooo sweet!

Waldkind said...

sooo sweet!

Waldkind said...

so sweet!