Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gum Leaves

Well, I did it. I finally finished my Annabel Cardigan. I finished it a few weeks ago but time is getting away from me again, so I haven't been on the computer much for the last few weeks. I've just been busy and all of us have been sick with the flu and a tummy bug, but I am getting some knitting done. I've started 3 new things - one I've almost finished (one little baby vest) but I lost my notes on where I'm up to. So that's on hold for a little while. I also have another baby cardigan and have started on a shawl.

It is such a wonderful feeling to finish a project after so long. I started this cardigan last year and put it down .... and there it sat.

I've been wearing it quite a bit and have had to take the pilling from under the arms. When it rained the other day, I got caught with out my umbrella and the cardigan got sprinkled on. The Cascade Eco+ did get a bit of a spongy smell about it. I haven't washed the cardigan yet, so maybe the smell might go after I give it it's first bath.

Katie took these photos for me. Here is my pregnant belly. I'm starting to really show now.


Lynne said...

You didn't add "sock" to your knitting list -- aren't you doing homework? LOL

The cardigan looks great and really warm!

Sea Star said...

It looks great, Beautiful belly pics!