Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sydney Biennale Part 1

Bhodi and I took a trip down to Sydney a few weeks ago to see the 18th Biennale of Sydney. We boarded the free ferry to Cockatoo Island and spent the day looking at all the art works. I'll post this in parts because I took too many photos to fit in one post. Some of the art work I loved. Some made you think. Others I walked past quickly! I loved this one - it's a shipping container that has been turned into an art work. I love the little characters that have been made by carving the metal. At first it looked like cardboard, then you touch the cold hard metal - it is not as fragile as it looks.

This is a space filled with wind chimes. The bottom parts that dangle are in the colours of the rainbow. 

Bhodi took a picture of me. I'm living in my Noro cardigan - I love it. The Silk Garden does stretch a bit after a bit of wear. Next time when I knit this pattern, I'll make the arms a bit tighter.

This one is hand made paper - it looked pretty just suspended in the air. I love the old windows in the background.


Sea Star said...

Wow! Looks great, can't wait to see the next batch of pics.

Lynne said...

Wow! That shipping container is very impressive!

Raggle Taggle Gypsy Girl said...

These look great Anne, it was a great day and I was very inspired by all the different things to see......I liked these 3 as well......