Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fairysteps and 37

This beautiful bag arrived in the mail a week or so ago. It came all the way from England from a talented lady who has an online shop called Fairysteps. She makes exquisite one off bags and shoes. I'm not a handbag type of girl - I've been using a little backpack or shoulder hippy-type bags that I've been finding in opp shops for years. Then I discovered Fairysteps...... and I was in love. This is my 3rd handbag. I have a mustard yellow bag and a brown bag that I use for everyday. I have picked out a bag each year for my birthday for the last 3 years now.

I don't know what I'm going to do next year (LOL). It's not that I need a lot of hand bags (unless Ren makes a cherry red bag - hint, hint..;) ) but I know these will last a life time. They are built to last.

 Ninja Cat Marty had to pop in for a photo. I love the pink and purple - these are my favourite colours.

The scarf that I'm wearing is a Noro scarf that I knitted years ago - my first time knitting with Noro.

I was 37 on Sunday. I had a great day. In the morning I went to the growers market to get some goodies. When I got back home, Katie and Lou had made me lunch and had a hand picked bunch of flowers for me. My other son was at a sleep over at a friends place but I got lots of birthday cuddles from him when he came home. 

My birthday lunch.

Beautiful fresh flowers from the garden...:)


karisma said...

Happy Birthday. Your bag goes lovely with your coat and scarf. Very cute indeed. Enjoy! Hugs xoxox

Pixie said...

Hi Anne and thank you for stopping by at my little 'nook', and leaving a lovely comment, i think you have a great space here and i shall stop by often......lovely to meet you. xx

Cindy Lane said...

Beautiful post! Happy birthday too!

Gorgeous bag, flowers & Ninja kitty!

Els said...

Dearest Anne, Happy (belated) Birthday !!! Many more years in good health and surrounded by your love-ones ! You look great ! (Daughter is 38 ;-) ....)
Ha, what a lovely vase with beautiful flowers (hihihi !)
Marty looks wonderful and I can imagine that he wants to check out this wonderful coloured purse !!!
(I will go see "fairysteps")
I love the Noro sweater you look stunning in it !
Take care (spring will be on it's way soon !)

Raggle Taggle Gypsy Girl said...

What beautiful photos of the gorgeous birthday girl.......I know what will you do with all those handbags, some serious accessorising for you......I am glad you had a great day on your birthday, you deserve it......Maybe some shoes or a wallet, but the cherry red handbag sounds pretty good as well......

Lynne said...

I'm late but my wishes are nonetheless sincere: happy birthday.

Ren said...

Only just seem this! So glad to be a little part of your birthday x