Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blogtoberfest; Day 2 Window

Ok... I have put the widget on my side bar. Now I am committed for each day for the month of October to blog every day. Can I do it without boring everyone in blog land when I get desperate and blog about anything and everything? LOL......This should be fun :) Well here goes...
Welcome to Blogtoberfest! It's not too late to join in the fun. Just press on the Blogtoberfest widget on my side bar and follow the link. Go on, I dare you...;)

Spring is here but it still cold up here in the upper mountains. I'm still wearing jumpers and layers to keep warm but that hasn't stopped my garden coming into bloom. It is so beautiful at the moment. I've been picking flowers to bring a bit of the outdoors indoors. I am really taken with the Forget-me-nots at the moment with their pretty little blue flowers. A lot of my bulbs didn't flower this year. I got half as many daffodils as I did last year. I wonder what happened?

Busted!......Lou trying to knock the pegs off the clothes line.......with the rake!

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mountainwildlife said...

Good for you Anne! I certainly couldn't blog daily, I'm lucky to write once a season at the moment! :-/ but I'll support you by reading yours!
I'd love to see your forget-me-nots if you get stuck for ideas! I have lots of purple flowers come up in my new garden but I'm not good at ID'ing non-natives.