Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lacy Baktus

I finished this last week. I thought I would never get it finished. LOL..:)

It is my Mother's Day pressie for my mum. Yep, I know Mother's Day was a few weeks ago but luckily for me, mum is somewhere in the Australian outback and won't be back until early June. I couldn't spend mother day with her this year. After all these years of sewing for me, making my clothes as a kid and altering clothes that I buy from opp shops that never seem to quite fit me, I can make her something to say thank you. .....:)

Little Lou chose the wool at the Wool Inn in Penrith. Funny, I was tending to go for the bright coloured wool but I couldn't decide - so I let Lou choose. Lou seemed to go for these earthy colours with a hint of blue and purple. The wool I used is Noro Silk Garden sock wool. I knitted it up on 3.25mm needles. It has purple in the middle of the shawl but you don't see it in the photos.

The pattern is called Lacy Baktus by Terhi Montonen - another freebie from Ravelry. I first saw this pattern knitted up on Waldorf Mama's blog.


Anonymous said...

very pretty.

Lynne said...

What a clever way to teach children to make decisions! I must admit I used it all the time when DD was small! I'd narrow the choices for the day down to two then ask which she wanted to wear!

Hope your mum loves it.

softearthart said...

It is beautiful, cheers Marie

Twig and Toadstool said...

Lovely...I'm making a un-lacy baktus right now! Hope to be done by fall! Yours is beautiful!

SeaStar said...

Snap on posting our mothers day pressies! I love your mums baktus!
I have another 2 weeks off work, tomorrow 2 of the girls are off to the dentist but any other day would be good for a chat.

messyfish said...

Very nice. Love the pattern and the wool. I eye off that brand of wool, despite not knitting

karisma said...

Its lovely! Glad to see you finally got your mojo back! So whats next? LOL

I love the colours. Great choice Little Lou!

Kel said...

What beautiful colours Little Lou chose ... I love it.

Cloudia said...

contemporary graphic effect!

Aloha from Waikiki, Friend

Comfort Spiral

Appleshoe said...

It's lovely. I'm sure your Mum is going to love it when she gets back. Little Lou picked a good one :)

Rita said...

Thank you for visiting me dear Ann so that i could find you.
Your blog is lovely and your posts are all very pleasant to read.
Very pretty shawl dear anne.
your mom will sure love it.
until my next visit

Donna said...

What a lucky mama you have, your creation is just beautiful.