Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I had a relaxing one and a half weeks down the south coast near the ocean. Now that I have moved to the Blue Mountains, I don't get to the beach that much any more. Fortunately, my parents own a house down on the south coast so we have a beach house to go to. I have been going down there for years for my summer holidays. I have seen lots of changes - it is not the sleepy little area it once was.
Years ago my parents and I used to go down to the ocean to see the sunrise and go for early morning walks along the beach.

I wanted to share this with my children. So, up very early - the kids were so excited they went to bed early so they could get up early. We got down there in time. I was amazed because we're always running late to everything. This was the kids' first sunrise they have seen (well, Katie was born at sunrise). It's the one time for the first few minutes you can look at the sun without it hurting your eyes.
It was just beautiful. The kids loved it. They played and made sand castles which little Loopity Lou would knock over. We even played leap frog. I attempted to do some yoga but the boys always tried to climb over me.

I even cleansed a rose quartz crystal ball that I picked up at Mogo the day before. These balls are great for massage so I cleansed it in the ocean to give it some good vibes.

It was a beautiful sunrise. We didn't get to do it again as the next few days were too cloudy and rainy.


sarah p said...

Purely beautiful.

Scarlette Rose Fairy said...

That is so lovely!!
How good is sunrise!
When i'm away with my hubby, we get up to watch the sunrise too, at Byron, it's worth it and a great way to start the day! X.x.
Your a gorgeous mummy!!

hippymummy said...

What a wonderful thing to do! I don't live far from the coast but it's in the north west so it'd have to be sunset for me i suppose?
You're not the only one who's late for everything, i'm known for my poor time keeping. I really do try to be organised honestly but no matter how well i plan ahead, foolishly hoping for my plan to come together with military precision, there's always something to put a spanner in the works. I have a felling that my friends have resulted to telling me i have to be somewhere an hour earlier than necessary in the vain hope that i'd have an outside chance of not being too late!
Oh, and thanks for the explination, NOW i know why you were choked! Lol!!

karisma said...

Oh I also love the beach at sunrise, its amazing to watch it pop up out of the sea! As for your question about LL of course you can join. We talk a lot about parenting and all sorts over there, not just homeschooling! Please come along and join in. Everyone is just lovely,I see by your links a lot of our members are already your friends!

Hugs xxxx

Leanne said...

Oh gorgeous photo's of such a special thing to do together. I can relate to the sadness of seeing sleepy little seaside towns awaken to tourism....and being climbed all over when trying to do some yoga! Hope you are all refreshed.