Monday, January 12, 2009

Did I just see that?

Happy New Year everyone!

Just got back from the south coast - pictures of that later. On the way home we needed to make a pit stop. We saw this;

It cracked me up - no, I haven't altered the photo, this is how I saw it on both sides of the restaurant. Someone had gone to the effort of taking the 'S' out of the sign. My daughter can read but her brother can't. Thank God for childhood innocence. She didn't understand what her daddy and I where laughing at. Her little brother, who had no idea either, couldn't stop saying it for the next hour of the trip home.


hippymummy said...

Childhood innocence is indeed a wonderful thing. i, however cannot use that as an excuse so i'll have to just admit that i don't get it? Is it an aussie joke? If not then please forgive me, it's not uheared of for me to not see what's right in front of my eyes! Lol! Hope you had a nice time away and all the best for 2009 xXx

karisma said...

LOL! Now that is a good one!

Leanne said...

cheeky smile here.... hope you had a great trip too

Scarlette Rose Fairy said...

Heya Anne!!

Wow!! small world, so glad you found me on here, looks like you had a wonderful Christmas with your kids!

How could i forget you guys!!
I think it's lovely bumping into you at the same places!!

I have no doubt will do the same through out 2009! but it's also nice to chat online!

Hope you've had a wonderful start to the year!!

Love & Peace,
Ema Lou X.x.

Alicia said...

haha, what a crack up! My husband calls it that too :)