Sunday, January 20, 2008

Noro Rainbow Scarf

I still haven't finished my cardie but I've done a scarf instead. I bought some Noro silk garden Col 87 at Penrith a few weeks back. It was the last 2 balls left in this colour. I also found some size 6 knitting needles (I think they're bamboo?) in an opp shop for $1. So I knitted up this scarf. I really enjoyed watching the colours emerge.

Katie and I went to the Blue Mountians Knitter's Guild on Saturday afternoon. We had a great time even thought it was pouring down rain all afternoon. I met up with a friend from play group who told me about the knitting guild last year at play group. She helped me finish my scarf by sewing up the loose ends. I also met Kate from Blue Mountians Knits whose was the first knitting blog I stumbled over a month ago when I was googling the Blue Mountians Knitter's Guild.

Hopefully I'll be back next month, but with small kids I'll have to see what happens.


Lynne said...

Love the scarf, love the colours, and the choice of the simple pattern was just ideal!

Good to hear DD is knitting now without adding stitches

Kate said...

It was great to see you at the Guild Meeting and it was also nice to see the girls playing as well - it gave the meeting a less 'formal' atmosphere.

I think we should be promoting a child-friendly environment for these meetings as there would be a lot more people able to come. Hope to see you next time.

Emily said...

That's gorgeous!

denise said...

I just found your blog--what a beautiful scarf!