Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Rainbow Pony

AAArrrrhhh! What happens when you leave things to the last minute? My favourite toy shop is closed. S***!... Deep breathe, don't panic!
I have a close friend's daughter's christening on Sunday and she asked me to be her daughter's Godmother - and because I was sick with a light case of shingles just before Christmas, which wiped me out (lucky I had the kids stuff sorted well before then..), I thought I'd get her pressy after christmas.

I went to Leura, to Toys That Teach. I didn't expect the shop to be closed! I wanted to get her a Folkmanis puppet. They are such beautiful toys. I'm realy into toys that get kids to use their imagination. These puppets are great for that and they double up as a cuddly toy as well. That will hopefully get years of play mileage out of it and not become another fluffy dust collector. Oh well, she is only one - there is always next birthday...

So I thought I'd make her a horse - a girly pink one with a rainbow mane (I love rainbows). I enjoy making felt toys. I had a lot of fun last year making felt toys for Katie's school fare. I went to Katoomba Knitting & Needlecraft Shop and got some pink felt & purple felt.I was drawn to the bargain basket where there was this pinkish mohair looking up at me. I was realy drawn to the colour - looking harder at the ball, it has a blueish purple through it as well (Its Naturally Mohair plus, shade 27) . I thought, poncho. It was $6 a ball there were 3 left. But I still have a cardie to finish first. So I got it any way. I can start a list of things to knit.
I got the horse finished. I hope she likes it. I would have prefered to use wool felt but I couldn't find any at the few shops I went to.
I left it too close to her birthday. I'm not sure how it will wear I have a bad feeling that it is going to pill easily - I hope not. Its the first time I've made a toy using synthetic felt.

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