Friday, September 26, 2014

Cows in the mud!

It's Term 3 Spring break from school. We got off the mountains and down by the seaside of the south coast for a few days to get some sun and hopefully a splash in the ocean if it's not too cold.

Yesterday while driving, I was admiring  
the array of flowers in bloom - the azaleas, wisteria, daffodils, crab apple   and many other blossoms - getting inspiration for my garden. As we were heading to Berry for a pit stop there where these cows hanging out next to the fence checking out the cars passing by. We stopped to say hello but because it was raining and boggy we didn't get out and have a closer look at the cows,  much to Lou's disappointment. Sian was happy to point at the cows from her seat. 

We had a pit stop at Berry and had a bite to eat, and a bit of window shopping. Katie and I had a long look at Goldfish toy shop. It is an amazing toy shop with lots of beautiful wooden toys and other toys that you don't see in the big box department shops. I couldn't resist buying these little treasures for Sian; a little case to put little girls treasures in when she is a bit older, a cute deer money box that is furry to touch and a rubber ducky for the bath.

My other favourite shop is Global Contact. It's a new-age shop that I like to have a look at but it was closed (it wasn't even 4pm). I was disappointed but I took a picture of the crystal heart mosaic on the path out side of their shop. It had been raining which brought out the colours of the little crystals.

So fingers crossed that the rain clears up so we can have a splash down on the beach!

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Nicole said...

hey Anne, we love the south coast. i hope it stops raining, but a holiday is good if its raining or not :o)

can you send me an email as i have an invitation to send you and you dont have an email address listed, you can find it on my profile page. thanks