Sunday, April 22, 2012


Over a week ago I received a beautiful gift from the other side of the world; the Netherlands in fact. I won this Mandala from Fiberrainbow's blog. You should pop over for a visit and check out the beautiful creations  that she makes.

Isn't the Mandala beautiful! Els is such a talented artist. I love the sleeping cat - it just looks like my Ninja Cat Marty sleeping in my bed. Also, I'm born year of the rabbit and I love Owls. I have little owl knick-knaks around the house. I love flowers - I have a floral tattoo on my back that I had done when I was living in Ireland. So Els has captured little parts of me in this mandala. I was so blown way when I won it. I had a really stressful 6 weeks with my youngest son so it was a lovely surprise that really cheered me up. Thank you Els.

 I've put it in a frame for now until I find a much nicer frame and plan to hang it in my lounge room.

Thank you so much Els for your lovely email and the Mandala. I'll be treasuring it for years to come.


softearthart said...

Just delightful, cheers Marie

Raggle Taggle Gypsy Girl said...

This looks wonderful Anne and it will look great in your house.....

Els said...

Thanks Anne for the compliments, I'm blushing.
I don't know myself how I "do it" but it happeeds often that there is just a lot to recognize for the one I'm drawing for .... Though, stangely enough, I often don't know the person thát wel ..... like this time.
That means probably, that you simply hád to be the winner for this mandala ! It arrived in the best possible place ! So enjoy it, it was really meant to be this way ;-)
Love, Els

Trish said...

It is very beautiful... sounds like it was meant for

Lynne said...

How did I miss this post? That is very beautiful.