Friday, July 15, 2011

Winter Sandcastles

Living up in the mountains, we are a few hours drive from the ocean. We have a stream next to the bush track near where we live to wallow our feet in instead. It has little fish and yabbies, and it can have a strong current just like the ocean if there has been a lot of rain.

My kids love this spot. We call this little bit of sand and water 'the beach'.

The environment is constantly changing at this spot. Some days there is more sand than others. The yabbies often come out to play, but this day it was a bit cold for them.

But it wasn't too cold for Lou to make Winter sandcastles....:)


Julie said...

Ah, so much fun!

Lynne said...

Brrr! He's wearing a tee-shirt! Hasn't it been freeeeeeeezing up there? It's cold enough down here!

An engrossed child doesn't worry about the cold, eh?

SeaStar said...

How gorgeous! Our girls called the Lawson golf course the beach while we were there, I was only looking at some of the photos last night.

karen said...

what a beautiful spot to play. I dont remember if ever thanked you for reccomending that american knitting shop to me. Thats where I got the madelinetosh for my cardi and i know ill shop there again with their great prices so thankyou for telling me about it! Happy knitting

joannabayndrian said...

They are splendid! If there are any other crafties looking to brighten up the winter I would suggest you check out the fantastic events programmed for the Love Lace: International Lace Award and Exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum.

On the 30th the one day Symposium, Not Just a Thread, is a chance to engage with top international and interstate lace-makers about their art (refreshments and lunch included!), and for a more hands on experience, on the 31st there will be a series of Master classes where designers can make their own funky creations using techniques from bobbin lace to laser cutting.

The exhibition is focused on broadening definitions of lace, reminding us that lace design was and is contemporary and innovative. The exhibition is open until April 2012, but the Symposium and Master classes are only over a few days so get in quick! If you have any other questions, I am a volunteer so you can leave a comment or go to this website for more info

messyfish said...

Lucky you! No sharks in there either, which is an added bonus!!!!